Posted: Nov 30 2017

Finding ways to ease impact on the Badlands

November 16, 2017

Bismarck Tribune

Jay Clemens owns land near Theodore Roosevelt National Park and wants to do what he can to preserve the beauty of the area. He’s limited, however, because he doesn’t own the mineral rights. That means oil companies can drill on his land.

As reporter Amy Dalrymple explained in a Sunday story, Clemens has been working with the oil industry to limit its footprint on his property. It’s not possible to eliminate all signs of development, but he has been making strides.

A Mandan native, Clemens now lives in the San Francisco Bay area. He purchased two properties, one across from the Elkhorn Ranch unit where Teddy Roosevelt lived. His goal is to keep the land as much like it was when Roosevelt roamed the area as possible. He serves on the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation and has been active in conservation activities. One of the properties he purchased was the Buckhorn Ranch, directly across from the area Roosevelt chose for his ranch in the 1880s. Clemens wanted his land included in the Theodore Roosevelt Elkhorn Ranchlands Historic District.

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