The term “Eco-pads” was coined a few years ago and still captures the essence of multiple well pad development – eco-logically and eco-nomically efficient.

NP Energy Services, LLC plans to utilize existing county and Forest Service roads in the Badlands for access to its well pads.  Well pads may be a short distance from existing public roads.  In those cases, a restricted use access road will be constructed to the well pad.
NPR would like to reduce truck traffic as much as possible for the life of the well pad.  Gas pipelines, crude oil pipelines, and in some cases produced water pipelines are in service in many parts of the Badlands.  Where these are accessible, NPR will attempt to secure access to these facilities.
Producing well pads are operated more cleanly and quietly with electricity.  Electric cooperatives provide service to much of the area under development.  This is often delivered through low visibility buried service lines instead of poles and overhead power lines.  Where possible, NPR is working with the cooperative to extend service to its pads.  Where service by the cooperative is not feasible, NPR will use clean burning natural gas fired generators and micro-turbines to meet on site electricity needs.